APOS 2019

APOS (Asia-Pacific Optical Sensors Conference) has been held every 18 months tracing back to 2008, and continues a series of conferences that are intended to provide a central forum for an update and review of technical information covering a wide range of optical sensing fields from fundamental researches to systems and application. The conference is open to researchers and professionals from not only Asia-Pacific Rim area but also all regions of the world.


  • Geophysics, civil engineering and distributed sensing
  • Biological and biomedical sensing
  • Astrophotonics
  • Fibre, grating and component technologies for sensing
  • Chemical and gas sensing
  • Imaging and signal processing technologies for sensing
  • Novel concepts for photonic sensing
  • Sensing in the IoT/Sensing for Big Data

Equity & Diversity 

The Asia-Pacific Optical Sensors Conference (APOS) strives to be inclusive and equitable at all stages. We have endeavoured to be accessible, diverse and achieve gender balance on the organising committee, session chairs as well as invited speakers and selection of contributed abstracts. APOS will follow the Royal Society of New Zealand Code of Professional Standards and Ethics in Science, Technology, and the Humanities.

Panel Pledge

Conference participants and organisers are encouraged to commit to the panel pledge.

The Panel Pledge

“At a conference, I won’t serve on a panel or be an invited speaker unless there is at least one woman on the panel/invited speaker.”

How to commit to the Panel Pledge

When you are invited to speak at or participate in a professional forum:

  • Request confirmation of who the other panelists/speakers/ participants are, and how gender balance will be achieved;
  • Insist that as a condition of acceptance, you expect women to participate in a meaningful way;
  • Reserve the right to withdraw from the event, even at the last minute, should this not be the case when the speaker list is finalised;
  • Offer names of women from within your organisation or network and, if helpful, point them to resources for support in finding women.

Former APOS Conferences

7th APOS 2017: Matsue City, Shimane, Japan
6th APOS 2016: Shanghai, China
5th APOS 2015: Jeju, Korea
4th APOS 2013: Wuhan, China
3rd APOS 2012: Sydney, Australia
2nd APOS 2010: Guangzhou, China
1st APOS 2008: Chengdu, China

Social Media

Stay up-to-date with APOS on Twitter and Facebook! Visit https://www.facebook.com/APOSconference2019 and Twitter @APOS2019 #APOS19NZ


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